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Austrian Bullterrier Clubshow

Austrian Bullterrier Clubshow

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LolaViggoCheeky napisał(a):
Date: 15th May 2011

Location: OPTIMUM; A-2243 Matzen, Jubiläumsplatz

Judge: Dr Franne Berez from the "Action" Kennels in USA

The Clubshow is open to both Minis and Standard BTs, we have Baby-, Puppy-, Junior-, Intermediate-, Open-, Champion- and Veteran Classes.
Intermediate-, Open-, and Championclass-winners will be awarded with CACAs and compete for the Clubwinnertitle.
Junior-winners get Junior-CACAs and will be automatically awarded the Clubjuniorwinner titles.
Best Junior, Best Veteran and both Clubwinners (male and female) compete for BOB.

Following additional titles can be won:
- BEST HANDLER (Minis & Standards seperately)
- BEST HEAD (Minis & Standards seperately)
- DOUBLE DUTCH TROPHY WINNER (Best white Standard Male)

Entry Form can be downloaded here ---> http://www.bullterrier-club.at/files/d_1296406548.pdf
Entry Check here ---> "will follow shortly"

You can send your entry forms to: info@bull-terrier.at
Or send a fax to: 0043 2214 8618
Via post just use the adress on the entry form !

Entry Closure: 8th May 2011
Please please be on time with your entries, I would very much appreciate it

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me !!!

We would be delighted to welcome you to this show and hope for many exhibitors and dogs once again !
There will be a nice little event for all bullie enthusiasts, where they can sit together, talk, eat, drink and have fun... more info will come as the show date approaches.
Do not miss the opportunity to show your dogs to this highly knowledgable judge, mark the date in your calendars, you will not want to miss this !!!

All the best,
Andrea (in the name of the whole ÖBTC Club Board)
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